BOGO coupons may be used for two people attending one workshop together; not by one person to attend two workshops.

The workshop you attend can be a public or private workshop, or open studio session, with both a paid participant and a BOGO participant attending at one time together. You may not make two projects yourself at a workshop. Private workshops must have at least 5 paying participants before BOGO discounts apply.

To reserve a BOGO class for two participants use the link below.  It will take you to our workshop Calendar.  Choose the date for your desired workshop. Choose the project from the list that will be the higher priced item of the two BOGO projects. Then in the Notes field of the registration form, Write BOGO followed by the other attendees name, email address, design name and size of their project with any customization info included.

If you want to use your BOGO during an Open Studio, we will apply the discount for you and your guest at the Studio during the Open Studio session.